Pure-Ecommerce Client Review – Terri


Client Name:Terri S., California


When did you purchase your website business from Pure-Ecommerce?

I bought the site in April 2012 and did a soft launch of the website in September 2012.


How did Pure-Ecommerce help you?

Pure-Ecommerce helped us get started by providing all the technical and design foundations as well as support to create a custom website. The support also included several key areas of education needed to understand how the backend of the site works in addition to building the educational foundation for advertising and marketing. Immediate support from knowledgable staff was and still is available even a year later.


How has starting your own ecommerce business impacted your life?

Early on the impact was a lot of work to get it up and running. After the first several months the daily workload had subsided and is now more about website maintenance and building the business through marketing and advertising. The overall impact is owning my own business which is more in line with a lifestyle choice. Owning my own e-commerce business gives me the opportunity to take it with me where ever I go. The other huge benefit is that I chose a business in a field and industry that I love and feel passionately about. It’s been a very positive experience and will be a business that I can grow as large as I like or choose to keep it small.

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