Pure-Ecommerce Client Review – Erica


Client Name: Erica T., Wisconsin


When did you start the Pure-Ecommerce Process?

I started the process setting up my custom internet business in mid-October 2013 and launched November 24th.

What about the Internet Businesses and Services brought you to the decision to work with Pure-Ecommerce?

I really loved that Pure-Ecommerce is comprehensive. If you have a question about how to select a vendor, or what trade shows to go to, or how to work something on the back end of your site, or about accounting, they have the answer. They are your one stop shop for everything that you need. I also like that they have many a la carte services to help you. I’m already taking advantage of those. They don’t just stop at site launch and your last step 10 consult, there is much, much more they offer and that really mattered to me. Also accessibility – I’ve never had a problem reaching anyone I need – even on a holiday!

Do you feel like you could of started an ecommerce business without the ecommerce consulting from Pure-Ecommerce?

Unequivocally, no. All of the staff at Pure-Ecommerce are experienced professionals. They teach you how to be successful in every aspect of the business from business logistics to vendor selection, product selection, and all of the ins and outs of SEO. If I didn’t have them as my partners, I would not be launched – it is the work that they put into it and they partner with you on that makes the process a successful one.

What has been your favorite part of working with Pure-Ecommerce

Hands down the care. Everyone at Pure-Ecommerce cares about you, wants you to be happy, and most importantly they want you to be successful. 

Do you feel the 40 hours of consulting and 10 step program was essential for you as you started your internet business?

Absolutely. The 10 step program will teach you everything you know you need to know about but don’t, as well as the things you don’t even know you need to know! I would be absolutely lost without this program.

Have you been satisfied with the assistance you have received from the consultants and staff at Pure-Ecommerce?

Satisfied isn’t even the word. I’m totally impressed with the assistance I received. I feel that Pure-Ecommerce is invested in me and the staff is there to answer all of my questions and point me in the right direction. They’ll be lifelong partners for sure.

How did starting your ecommerce business impact your life?

Starting this new business has helped me satisfy my dream of being an entrepreneur, has helped me grow in ways I never thought possible, and has put me in control of the outcomes. I could not be happier or more energized about my business.




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