Pure-Ecommerce Client Review – Lona


Client Name: Lona C., California

When did you start the Pure-Ecommerce Process?

I started the initial process almost a year ago when I purchased my first site.  After having purchased my first site, I went on to work with your amazing web designer, Tina on a custom site that I am in the process of launching this month.


What about the Internet Businesses and Services brought you to the decision to work with Pure-Ecommerce?

I did quite a bit of research and came to the conclusion that Pure-Ecommerce was the right solution for me.  I needed more than just web design – I required quite a bit of hand holding and guidance, which is what the team delivered!


Do you feel like you could of started an ecommerce business without the ecommerce consulting from Pure-Ecommerce?

Absolutely not!  I really was venturing out of my comfort zone of my long-standing career in Corporate.  So, I really needed the knowledge and support the consulting team provided.


What has been your favorite part of working with Pure-Ecommerce?

The team members, for sure!!  They are extremely knowledge and simply big hearted folks who have your best interest at heart.


Do you feel the 40 hours of step-by-step ecommerce consulting and 10 step program was essential for you as you started your internet business?

It is probably either the most valuable or second most valuable offering of the program.  Most people think it is the site itself, it really isn’t from my perspective.  It is the vendor selection and product loads along with the 40 hours of consulting that I believe brings the most value.


Have you been satisfied with the assistance you have received from the Pure-Ecommerce Team?

Definitely, your tech, Neil, is a Rock Star along with everyone else on the team!


How did starting your ecommerce business impact your life?

It’s changed my whole view of working.  I am finally focused on my passion and not just making a paycheck.  I am still looking forward to fully realizing what the future changes my business will bring to my life. Bring it On! 

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