Pure-Ecommerce Client Review – Kristin & Paul


Client Name: Kristin & Paul F., New Hampshire


When did you purchase your website business from Pure-Ecommerce?

We purchased in March 2013.

What about the Internet Businesses and Services brought you to the decision to work with Pure-Ecommerce?

A very easy to understand step by step process from inception to completion.

Do you feel like you could of started an ecommerce business without the ecommerce consulting from Pure-Ecommerce?

Being novices and completely usure where to start the Pure-Ecommerce program was just what we were looking for.

What has been your favorite part of working with Pure-Ecommerce?

Working with everybody from the owners to project managers to make sure we got things right.

Do you feel the 40 hours of consulting and 10 step program was essential for you as you started your internet business?

The consulting and 10 step program are a business road map that can really help you from making mistakes.

Have you been satisfied with the assistance you have received from the consultants and staff at Pure-Ecommerce?

We are very pleased with our Pure-Ecommerce experience.  The investment in money and time was worth it.

How did starting your ecommerce business impact your life?

The significant impact on our lives is that we have a new business of our own that continues to grow.

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